Bigger Than Just A Big Brother

My dearest PJ,

As hard as it is to imagine now, you were once an only child.  You never had to fight for attention, your toys were yours and yours alone, and you were the only one falling asleep in your room.

Then came Nico.

Photo credit: Chelsea Cross

When I was pregnant with Nico, I struggled to imagine you as a brother.  Would you like your little brother?  Would you be jealous of his attention? Would the two of you fight?  How on earth would you adjust?

Like all of the other changes in your life, you’ve taken this one on with an ease I admire.  The day we brought Nico home, it was clear that you loved him immediately.  No longer was my hand the one you reached for in the morning when you wanted to cuddle, it was Nico’s.  Your brother became your best friend before he could even really register your presence.

Now you’re the big brother to a two year old, and for two years I’ve felt overwhelmed with pride for the way you’ve taken on this role.  My heart melts every time you include him in your imaginative games, teach him the letters you’ve learned to write, or sing a song with him.  I can’t help but laugh as I hear you two giggling in your room at night, long after you should have fallen asleep.

Photo credit: Chelsea Cross

I know it’s not perfect.  I know he sometimes knocks down the castle you worked so hard to build, or interrupts when you’re telling me a very important story.  I know letting him have a turn with the TV can be frustrating, especially when he’s making you watch the same movie over and over.  I know you’ve had to make accommodations in your little world so that he fits. 

My biggest hope for you and Nico is that you always remember the importance of brotherhood.  I know this fact sometimes shocks you, but I have brothers too.  Those brothers were my first playmates, the first people to drive me nuts, and the first people to protect me out in the real world.  Those same brothers are now the people that I call first when I need something.

Photo credit: Chelsea Cross

Your brother will hopefully be the best gift I’ve given you, as my brothers are the best gift my parents gave me.  I am so incredibly proud of you both, and can’t wait to see your relationship grow and develop over the years.