3 Tips to Save More Time as a Millennial Momma

It’s 2023, can you believe it?

Have you ever felt like time is flying and you get nothing done? I sure have. Post pandemic era has a different vibe we’re all trying to work with. One of those areas is connecting with one another as a family, with friends, and our community, and most importantly, ourselves.

In order to make those deeper connections come to life, we need time and space. After bringing work home, it seems to blends together, making it hard to turn off from being “plugged in”. If you’re looking to cultivate intentional moments in your life, keep reading for 3 Tips to Save More Time as a Millennial Momma.

  1. Prioritize health and wellness in your life. Pouring from an empty vessel is the fastest way to burnout. Planning little bits of self love in the day can keep you going, even during dark times. Some examples are a 15 min yoga video on youtube, sitting in silence for 5 minutes, and saying uplifting mantras. The less time you make for your help, the more time you’ll pay later.  Here are more tips to include more wellness in your life.
  2. Plan your meals ahead of time. The daily question of what’s for dinner can lead to some procrastination because you need more time to decide. Save some time in your day by planning the meals and bonus points if you prep ahead. Having one less decision can free your time and your mind. For inspiration on saving time with grocery shopping, click here. 
  3. Use a hourly daily planner. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference in the type of planner I used until this year. I’ve been more productive in the last 3 weeks than my last 3 months because I’ve been planning my day by the hour. A boost to help this is limiting phone time outside of work purposes. One minute of scrolling turns into an hour quickly!

You’ll notice a theme in all of tips, and that is preparation. In order to get more out of your time, you have to be intentional with it. Create deeper moments with your kids by putting the screens away and delving into a hands on activity. Having a deeper sense of self is a wonder by product self awareness and time management. Let us know what you’re making time for in 2023 in the comments below. Save and share to your busy besties!