Divine on a Dime: 3 Hacks to Living Abundant on a Budget

Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of luxury and abundance in their lives?

Being neck deep in Momland it can be easy to forget what feeling luxurious is like.

Even more so now that the majority of the funds go to the little (or big) ones that control the show. Dealing with these two things alone, it can be  easy to let go and stop caring about beautifying yourself and your environment.

Here’s why that’s dangerous: 

  1. Having a disorganized/cluttered space can add extra stress, depression, and overall low vibes. This makes it even harder to feel inspired and motivated.
  2. The lack of motivation can further push you away from taking care of you, also adding to the stress/depression spiral. Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?

It may seem frivolous, but it has been proven that when we take a little time to tend to ourselves and the spaces we’re in, it can overall raise mood, energy, and add more happiness. You deserve that! I know it’s all easier said than done when trying to budget for an entire family so here are 3 hacks to feeling divine on a dime!

  1. Spruce up your space with new décor from a thrift store- Thrifting is one of my favorites things to do because not only is it great for the environment but it can really change the energy of a space. You can find some fancy things on a budget and I love it! It also gets you in the habit of donating so it’s a healthy give and receive balance. You can also do this with clothes. Some of my most complimented pieces come from a second hand store.
  2. Give yourself a DIY Mani or Pedi– Super simple and cheap but seeing your nails and toes be done can really give you a boost of confidence. I prefer press on nails personally, they are still cost friendly, and honeyyy let me tell you, I feel fierce when I have them on. While I can’t always head to the salon for a full set, making time to do this at least once every two weeks helps me feel glam.

3. Say No to the ish you don’t want to do– this might be my favorite but saying no is free. Have you ever noticed behind a yes either comes a commitment of time, money, or added responsibility? That can cause burnout and is a direct buzzkill to feeling good. Follow this tip and save yourself some time and money to go to fun things like the first and second hack. Or doing nothing at all, which I find feels very divine after a long week.

These are some of quick and money friendly hacks I used to this day to feel divine on dime. I’d love to know do you have a favorite self care thing you do? If so comment below, you may inspire someone else! 

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Brittany Allen
Brittany is a Leader in the Self Love and Financial industry helping women cultivate peace while being householders and creating wealth for their family, . She's spent the last 10 years as an entrepreneur serving women in various industries such as beauty, wellness, and event planning. When she's not helping women manifest the abundance they deserve, you'll find her spending time with her little girl, teaching yoga, or dabbling in magic. Don't be afraid to come say hey at Brittany Rose Wellness and comment or tag her in your favorite article!