4 Practical Wellness Tips for Full Schedules

Are you tired of hearing the words “self care”

Or reading about wellness, while feeling so guilty that by the end of the day you don’t feel like you have any time or energy for yourself? Or even feeling guilty that you wish you had me time?

Well, Momma, I feel your pain. As householders, our schedules are full sun up to sun down. If we’re not thinking about what’s next, we’re thinking about tomorrow or next week. Yet we still manage to somehow forget that assignment or appointment. Oops…

With all of that on our plate, it feels impossible to think about squeezing in 5 minutes let alone 20 for some type of wellness or self care in the day. And while that may be true, it’s also not sustainable for you, or anyone.

Without carving time out to nurture ourselves one way or another we end up feeling under appreciated, resentful, and down right burnt out. So burnt out sleep, doesn’t help because you’re energetically drained.

I want to help you manage that. As a mom who works full time and owns her own business, I’ve seen the ugly end of the burn out stick. It’s not pretty. It pulls you away from being present with your children, thus furthering the mom guilt loop. 

Here’s 4 things you can do to practically add wellness into your day because let’s face it, we all don’t have 60-90 minutes to practice self care.

  1. Sit by yourself for 5 minutes in silence or with healing music, here’s an example.  Have you heard the term you can’t pour from an empty cup? This small gesture of self love is a great way to pour back into yourself. It shows the universe, and your family, that you love yourself enough to make time for you, even if it’s for 5 minutes.
  2. Move your body somehow, some way. This can look like squats in the kitchen, taking the kiddos for a walk, or squeezing a short yoga sequence in at home. Let’s bust the myth that you have to be on your mat for 60 minutes for you to see and feel results. I’m a yoga teacher who does about 15-20 minute flow on work days. I might do a 30-40 minute flow on the weekend for some razzle dazzle. Here’s a short yoga flow for less than 15 minutes.

    Photo Credit: South Fayette Township
  3. Be mindful of water intake. Dehydration leads to brain fog, fatigue, and irritability. This is a simple way to take care of yourself without adding something to your to do list. Treat yourself like the beautiful flower you are and water yourself everyday. Your skin and digestive system will appreciate it along with the rest of your body.
  4. End the day with gratitude. Having a small journal bedside would be great, however just taking the few moments before you pass out from the days exhaustion to think of  3-5 things you’re grateful for can improve your mood. It also helps you remember the good that has happened, not what didn’t happen. What you did was enough, if you feel like it could be better, tomorrow is another chance.
  5. Plan the next day or week if possible. This will help cut down the stress of trying to remember everything. I’m adding in an extra because this has been coming up a lot for me in my personal life. I feel like I’m all over the place when I don’t map out my day or at least plan out some of the top things I want done. Then I end up feeling like I didn’t do anything. Womp Womp Womp.

Here are a few simple ways you can add in wellness into your day while your schedule is full. It won’t always be like this, but it is important for you to take care of yourself during this time <3

Comment below and let us know which one will you be trying?

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Brittany Allen
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