In + Around Pittsburgh Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane

Over the years, I’ve heard so much about Kraynak’s. There are ads all over Facebook boasting a special display at Christmas and Easter time and it has always looked so fun for kids! My mom had also shared fun memories about taking my brother and I when we were little.

Excitedly, this past week, my mom and I packed up my three kids and headed up to Hermitage to see the Easter Bunny Lane display. There is no cost to walk through it. If you are near the Hermitage area- check it out!

The displays were very cute, and the kids enjoyed looking at them. Keep in mind, it only took us about 10 minutes to walk through the whole display. And that’s with the kids stopping to look at things and pointing out the characters they recognized.  They had a Lego man display (not actual Legos though). Bluey and all of the Mickey characters were there too (in a camping scene). Again, it was cute. 

What I didn’t realize before was that Kraynak’s is mainly a store, not an event.

Conveniently, you have to walk through the giant toy section to get to the Easter display. After we went through Easter Bunny Lane, we did enjoy looking around for a bit. They have a greenhouse section, lots of home decor, and TONS of toys and candy. I’m pretty sure they offer every toy I’ve ever seen. The prices were pretty fair too. My mom bought the kids each something little and I got two new games. (My mom made the comment that it would be a good place to go Christmas shopping for the kids, and I would agree. I love supporting small and local when I can!)

We then went out for lunch in the area and there were a lot of options! Overall, the morning was enjoyable, but I probably won’t make the drive again to see the display when it changes. If you live closer to Hermitage or will be in the area, it’s certainly a fun stop to make! 

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