Mom with the Moon: Using Lunar Cycles to Plan Your Life

“It’s a full moon, you know what that means.”

Have you heard that before? Or experienced it? It has some backing to it as the moon has some play in how the atmosphere effects us. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to planning your personal and parenting life.

I’m breaking this down super simple so you can easily apply this in your day to day without chasing down extra info into your already busy day.

New and Full, you’ll see a new moon or full moon in your calendar.

New Moon Qualities and Themes- If you ever look into the sky on a new moon night, you won’t see a moon at all. It’s also known as the shadow phase. This time is great for planting intentions, just like planting a seed in the dirt, it grows in darkness in the beginning. Themes include fresh start, rest, manifesting.

New moons are a great time to schedule self care, be mindful of all that you commit to, and do some planning on what you’d like to see in your family and personal life.

Full Moon Qualities and Themes- You’ve seen a full moon in all her glory. It’s magnetic and eye catching every time it’s in the sky. As it illuminates the sky, it also illuminates what’s inside of us. Full moons are a great time to practice gratitude of all the things that you have and the things you’re ready to release. Themes include gratitude, transformation, releasing.

Personally it’s a good time to look at where you are and where you’d like to go. With family you can plan a gratitude circle, a dinner together, or an activity that includes everyone.

Both occur within 2 week of each other, I love to use them as reminders of self care. By tying self care to the moons there’s a consistent routine in case life gets in the way. Each moon also has an astrological sign that accompanies them where you can go deeper.  You can create a small ritual of reflection with a candle, journal, and 10 minutes of silence. Great paired with a bubble bath or spa shower to bump up the self love vibes.