Top Reasons Why Guardian Should Protect You

It has been a little over two months now that we have had our Guardian Protection Home Security System Installed  and we are so excited to say we have loved it. In no particular order, here are our Top Reasons why Guardian Protection should be your go to security system.

Reason #1: Professional Monitored Home Security System

Guardian Protection provides 24/7 monitoring. Their response time is one of the most impressive and comforting features for us. A few times that we have mistakenly forgot to disarm our system we accidentally set off the alarm. Within seconds Guardian Protection trained experts were calling us to make sure we were ok. You can’t put a price on knowing that wether its an intrusion or smoke is detected, first responders will be notified ASAP!

Reason #2: Custom Home Security Systems

Did you every feel that you were being “upsold” to only find out that you didn’t need that feature?  Well, the customizable home security systems allow you to have the equipment and accessibility that makes you feel the most protected.  We didn’t need window sensors throughout the entire house with a number of them being on the top floor so those were not included.  We felt the ring doorbell didn’t provide a wide enough coverage of the front of our property so we had a camera over the garage door installed.  These were just a few steps we took during the designing step of our home security system.  Along with your customizable solutions you can also enjoy their Security and Home Automation, all in one!  You can create energy-efficient schedules, light automation rules, door lock management and it’s even compatible with many smart home devices and speaker systems. 

Reason #3: Tech Friendly App and Features

Control your house lighting whenever, wherever – automatically or through the smart app.  Can’t explain enough how comforting it is to know that if your child comes home at night while you are away that you can turn the front porch lights on for them by a simple click of the button through the app.  The ability to manage all features within the palm of your hand makes life so easy.  We can lock and unlock the doors, set the alarm system at any time, and assign a family member their own access code in case they need to come by and check on the house while you are on vacation. 

Reason #4: Hassle Free Professional Installation

Wouldn’t it be an added piece of security when it’s their mission to help you feel protected?  Guardian’s installation is backed by highly-trained professionals that will ensure the system is installed in a timely manner but most importantly done right.  When our install day arrived, we were very impressed on our technician’s attention to detail with not only the equipment but with our home in general.  They had to replace our original door lock to the new keyless smart lock and the job was done to the point as though it existed the entire time, with no scratches or damage to the door.  After the install was complete, they went through everything with us from what the alarm sounds like, how to reset our personal code and answering any questions that we had on operations.

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Thank you to Guardian Protection for sponsoring this post and continuing to give this mama peace of mind!
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