Voting Advice for the Politically Uninterested

vote button on woman wearing white sweatshirt, with curly hair

vote button on woman wearing white sweatshirt, with curly hair

It would be easy for me to vote the same as my partner Mark. He follows politics… like REALLY follows it, not just listening to various news channels but also podcasts and print news outlets. He STUDIES it. Me? After juggling four kids all day I’d rather zone out in front of Schitt’s Creek. 

It’s incredibly tempting to just take his word for it! 

But see, if I sent my husband to the grocery store and he came home with Mueslix instead of Cheerios, you better believe I would be upset… because when the kids start boycotting breakfast, I am the one who deals with it! The truth is I’d rather avoid the hassle and do all the shopping myself (leaving the kids at home with dad, of course). He doesn’t pick WRONG items, just not the best ones for me. 

Like in grocery shopping, there is no right or wrong in politics. We CHOOSE which person we think will do the best job and represent our own values the most closely. So if my husband is gonna pick totally different groceries than I do, then why would I give him an even bigger decision- my voice in our government??

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In the words of the great Moira Rose, “One must champion oneself and say, ‘I am ready for this!’” To make an informed decision, here is the strategy I recommend: 

  1. Skip the debates!! All the childlike behavior will just dishearten you- or remind you of your own kids! Just read the fact check reviews of them. Or watch the debates with a glass of wine and/or a zanax, THEN check the fact check reviews. 
  2. Understand the basic differences between the two parties
  3. Know which media sources are biased and in which direction
  4. Know the issues and the candidate’s stances.
  5. Ask yourself: “What personal qualities do you think make a good leader? Which candidate best meets those qualities?”

mom sitting at kitchen table with baby on her lap while she does research on the computer laptop

Politics may not be my thing, but I am a smart woman. Given time and (accurate!) information, I will form opinions about it. Because if I care enough to send my husband back to the store for Cheerios for my kids, then I care enough to pick a politician who will make laws that are best for those same kids of mine. 

I know exactly who my partner is voting for this November, and after a couple hours of solid research, I also know who I will be voting for… for president as well as for other offices. Who knows if I’m making the right decisions, but at least they are mine! And I’ll feel pretty good casting my own ballot. 

Good luck with your own decisions! 

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