Pamela Anticole

Pamela Anticole
Pamela doesn’t mind her laugh lines. After 15 years in professional photography, 4 interesting kids, and a very supportive partner, she has recently rediscovered international travel and cannot wait to share this rekindled passion with her children. She uses her camera as a way to process the world- a tool to read and share stories. She also experiments with watercolors and, of course, words. Currently living in McCandless, Pamela is a strong advocate for bathroom privacy and enjoys long, slow walks through the grocery store by herself.
kids wearing masks standing in front of the city of pittsburgh and the roberto clemente bridge

2020 isn’t fixable, and we shouldn’t try

I’m a sucker for a good meme, so it’s not lost on me that the transition from 2020 to 2021 has loads of potential for quality meme production. What a year! So why am I...
vote button on woman wearing white sweatshirt, with curly hair

Voting Advice for the Politically Uninterested

It would be easy for me to vote the same as my partner Mark. He follows politics… like REALLY follows it, not just listening to various news channels but also podcasts and print news...
kids are playing with bubbles outside

Why you shouldn’t put your camera down during a pandemic

Several summers ago we took our kids on a road trip vacation to the Delaware shore. I was eight months pregnant with my third child and the entire trip was a nightmare start to...

Photo Tip: How to avoid underexposing your kids’ faces

Have you ever taken a picture of your kids with your cell phone, but their faces turn out so dark that you can’t really see them?  You’re not alone! The truth is that your camera...