Why I Am Done Having Kids After 2!

I am a proud mom of two daughters, a 2 year old and a 6 year old AND.I.AM.SO.DONE.HAVING.KIDS. 

People ask us all the time if we want another baby, if we really want to try for that boy! No, we don’t. We are very happy with our two girls and honestly, with our  lucky streak, we would end up with a 3rd girl. Why does everyone assume we just need to keep having kids? Or that we are not complete unless we have a boy? I always answer that if they are willing to take the night shift, I will gladly have another newborn. I am still waiting for someone to take me up on that offer.

I think two kids is perfect for my husband and I, and we feel like our little family is finally complete. Life is getting a little easier now that our youngest is a toddler and we are out of the baby stage!

Here is how we also know we are done having kids:

  • We think we would feel outnumbered with a third. Each of us can grab a child when out and about and we like the equal ratio. 
  • When I see or hold a newborn, I no longer get the urge to have another baby. I gladly snuggle the baby and then hand it right back over while enjoying not having to be the one waking up at all hours of the night again. 
  • We are done with diapers, so done with diapers. I can’t imagine going through that many more diapers again!
  • Our little girls have a great bond. They play and fight like sisters and I love seeing their bond grow as they get older. I am not sure if adding a third child will make them feel left out or change their dynamic. I will never know, but I am ok with them growing up just having each other! 


  • Kids are expensive! I feel like with two kids it will be easier to be able to do the things we want to do such as traveling, etc. Paying college tuition for two kids also seems less daunting.
  • We have traveled with our two girls including plane rides. Packing for two kids is already so much work! We do have a system though and have it pretty perfected. Adding a third child might just end up sending me to the asylum once and for all.
  • Our family just feels complete. Some families feel complete with one child, others with 5 or more. Whatever works for you and makes you happy is what matters at the end of they. For us, that is being two and done. 


What is your magical number? How many kids would you like to have to feel complete?

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Anny Bezilla
Anny is a mommy to two beautiful girls. Sofia is 7 and Olivia is 3 years old. Anny was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to New Jersey with her family when she was 5. She is bilingual and is fluent in Spanish. She has been a Jersey girl most of her life until six years ago when she moved with her husband to Pittsburgh, where he’s originally from. Anny has a career in Recruiting/Human Resources and is currently working as a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist. Anny strives to find a good work life balance while having two little ones. Anny loves living in Pittsburgh and exploring the city’s Latin culture. She also loves to write and blogging has always been something she has wanted to do! For good laughs, follow Anny’s funny FB page at hotmessmomanny and on Instagram at hotmessmom where she provides comic relief to us moms that are just trying to get through life.