The Butternut Squash of Doom

I have a tiny secret.

Butternut squash used to intimidate me. The elusive shape and many articles on health benefits had me admiring from afar. 

Here’s why- squash and root veggies can be hard to cut! Hard enough that I’m still scarred by my sweet potato debacle… I digress 🤣

I’d always put off trying because it seemed to difficult. Until my friend shared this yummy Butternut Squash salad. I had to have it! That also meant I had to get over this preconceived notion I couldn’t the cut/roast the squash.

So I did what any millennial would do, I googled how to roast a butternut squash. Empowered with my shopping list plus newfound knowledge,  I pulled up to my local Giant Eagle with the curiosity and confidence of a cat. I felt like such a grown up buying this new veggie. 

Photo by Brittany Allen

The salad was one of the best I ever made. After realizing how simple that process was I realized how I treat my own self care like the butternut squash. I know deep down inside I want it and it’s good for me but I can always find a million other reasons why I can’t. Or sometimes that one task that would give me peace, I ruminate more on all the steps that need done and let that defeat me.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in why we can’t we forget to look for the fact that we can. Next time you have a task and you find yourself procrastinating, consider is this your butternut squash of doom? Is it something that will make you feel better after it’s done? Is it something simple but you’re putting off because of a belief that’s not helping you?

If yes and it’s tied to self love it’s a sign to conquer your butternut squash of doom into a yummy meal. One of the things moms tend to do is forget, that they were a woman before they were gifted with the bonus name of mom. There will always be another chore, task, thing to do. Why not do all those things feeling happier?

I’d love to know, have you ever had a small task that you procrastinated over only to realize it was simple?