Educational Apps to Prepare Your Toddler for School

We are on the hunt for a PreK program to enroll our three-year-old in for next school year. The one question we have posed to a number of educators is: “What apps can we download for him to play with that will be the most valuable in assisting with learning the basics and preparing for full-day PreK or Kindergarten?

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Did you know that there are currently over 100,000+ educational iOS apps available? Finding the right ones for your early learners can be tedious, and overwhelming.

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Here are a handful of iPad/Tablet Apps that have been recommended to our family by elementary educators.


  • Word Wagon
  • Letter Muncher
  • Rhyming Words
  • Montessori – Rhyme Time


  • Bugs & Numbers
  • Counting Madness
  • Monkey Math School Sunshine


  • ABC Mouse
  • Daniel Tiger
  • Dr. Seuss’ ABC
  • Daisy the Dinosaur (teaches young kids to code)

In addition to the technology, it was stressed to us how important it is to ‘keep it old school.’ (my words, not theirs) What I mean by that is reading to them; having them read to you; singing songs; using flashcards with letters, colors, shapes. These are all invaluable learning tools that are fun and don’t involve screen time.

We have been very lucky with Luke. He has loved reading since he was a baby and really enjoys the library – picking out books that he is into and books that have a focus on things we’re learning about at home (i.e. Trying different food; Sharing during group play; Everyone is different; etc.).

Photo by: Katie Stern

While I was researching the recommended apps, I came across a few groups on Twitter that I’ve been following which have some other recommendations on technology products, reviews of apps and suggestions based on what other educators around the world are using to educate our children. A few to check out:

  • @TheiMums
  • @_iblobl
  • @fuzzlady77

Ultimately, the time we spend with our children is important for bonding and learning success. Any of these tools, technology or not, can be enhanced by parents taking an interest in what their children are learning and helping to enhance that learning by playing with them.

Did we miss any? Are there any that you use in your home, or have been recommended through your school, that your kids love?

The apps suggested in this post have come from a multitude of educational resources and are not sponsored by any of the brands highlighted. All thoughts, suggestions, and opinions are 100% my own.

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