Happy Cows Make Better Milk: Organic Valley

Pittsburgh Mom Collective is thrilled to partner with Organic Valley to share with our readers how giving our cows the best in turns gives us the best.

Organic Valley isn’t like most companies. They are a cooperative owned by organic farmers, which means they all work together to produce the food and run the business. This has inspired a unique passion for doing what’s right for people, animals and earth and an unwavering commitment to bring ethically made organic food to families everywhere.

As moms, we know how important it is for our children to receive the proper care and attention in order to grow, to develop self-esteem, a positive sense of identity, to flourish and succeed.  Well, Organic Valley farmers feel the same way not only about their families but their animals too! Like moms, Organic Valley farmers work hard to create an environment where animals can freely express their natural behaviors – like grazing, roaming, and playing on pasture. They keep their herds small, which allows for a lot of TLC. The farmers care deeply about the care of their cows and know their personalities and quirks. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for Organic Valley farmers to name their cows and call them by name, just like kids name their pets.

The Organic Valley Difference

Organic Valley products have ben a regular on our grocery list because for over three decades, Organic Valley has worked to produce healthy food that will nourish people across the country. To provide economic stability for family farmers and rural communities. To build healthy soil, protect the environment, and provide a higher standard of animal care in a way that promotes their health and all of ours. 

As moms who are always going the extra mile for our kids, we were excited to learn that Organic Valley also goes above and beyond to pour all their love into taking care of their animals, the animals are then in-turn able to provide you with nutritious, delicious organic milk you can feel good about giving your family.

Happy Cows make better milk which in turn makes happy moms! 

Creamy Raspberry Popsicle

We had so much fun making these yummy popsicles. The kids love them! Shhh…don’t tell them that there is no-added sugar in the popsicles!!! This recipe was developed by Morgan Peaceman and originally appeared on OrganicValley.com.

[ultimate-recipe id=”37160″ template=”default”]


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