Welp, it’s election season again!


It’s voting time again!

It is time to get out there and vote for the Executive (President) and Legislative (Representative and Senator) candidates that you wish to hold office in your state and for the country. For some, this time of year is exciting and refreshing and for others it is daunting and depressing. For a select few, it is completely forgotten or lapsed from their knowledge of rights as a citizen.

It is important to go out and vote, to exercise your right as a U.S. citizen! You can also participate in the campaigning process of your candidate or party by sharing information online through blogging or social websites, and participate at campaign events. You can even call your local party’s office to find out what more you can do to support your candidate and political party.

i-votedTo vote in the state of Pennsylvania you will need to be:

      *  A US Citizen

* A PA resident

* Living in the election district you are registering for at least 30 days before the next election

* Registered in Pennsylvania to vote *The voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 11, 2016*

       * Age 18 by Election Day; November 8, 2016

* Not in jail or prison for a felony


**Registration guidelines and deadlines vary from state to state, make sure to double check yours!**

What can you do if you are not registered to vote?

  1. You can register to vote by going onto websites such as Rock the Vote and Pennsylvania Voter Services.
  2. You can also fill out the voter registration form available at your local county voter registration office or Government Agencies.
  3. Or you can print the registration paperwork online, fill out and mail in (click here).


You’ve registered to vote! (cheers and applause) What do you do next? polling-place

On November 8th, Election day, go to your local voting location (click here to search) between 7-8pm to vote.

Bring one of the following: Photo ID, US Passport, US Armed Forces ID, Student ID, or Employee ID.

 IF you do not have a photo ID you can bring one of the following: confirmation from a county voter registration office, non-photo ID issued by PA or US government, firearm permit, or current utility bill/bank statement/paycheck/ or government check.

What if you can’t be present for voting in your county of residence?

If you can’t be at your designated voting location in person you can submit your vote by mail with a request for an absentee ballot form. View the form for specific criteria that is to be met for you to use an absentee ballot. If you meet the criteria, fill out the application and send it in by November 1st. Once you receive the ballot, fill it out and mail it in by November 4th.

You can then view the status of your ballot on votespa.com.

And last but not least… the big question… Who do I vote for?

Well, obviously, I cannot make that choice for you. It is important that you go out into the world and ask questions about the candidates. You can talk to other people, social media, political websites, and newspapers.

Look at the informationsparkler-flag provided on the candidate’s websites and research their pamphlets, debates, and speeches. See what each candidate stands for and research the issues that are important.

Remember, do not focus on labels and stereotypes of each political party. There are more than just two political parties so look at all your options. It is YOUR choice, not someone else’s. Do not feel bullied or pressured to pick a certain person.

Use your voice as a citizen and vote!