Tips For Going on a Road Trip with Children

I am the proud mom of two energetic, active boys.  This means that they NEVER sit still, and quiet time in my house is very unheard of!  Even though the only time my house can be described as peaceful and quiet is when they are both sleeping, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Since sitting still is not their favorite thing to do, it is almost impossible to go on a road trip without having ways to keep them occupied planned.  The more they have to do in the car equals less times they ask me “Are we there yet”?


This kid is ready to get on the road!!!!
This kid is ready to get on the road!!!!


Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks I use to keep my boys entertained (and my sanity) while on the road:

  1. Toys, Toys, Toys.  What do your children love to play with?  If they are small bring them along for the ride!  I also like to buy a few new ones for the trip.  Nothing keeps my kids busy better than a brand new toy!!!  Try to pick toys that are small and don’t have lots of little pieces that will get lost in the car.  Some suggestions for great car toys are: dolls, a Travel Doodler, action figures, magnetic play books, and a Rubik’s Cube (for older kids).
  2. Coloring books.  Coloring can be hard to do while the car is moving, especially on bumpy roads.  You can make it a little easier but giving you child a clipboard to work on.  Also keep all their coloring supplies in a Ziploc bag, to help them keep track of them.
  3. Whiteboards.  Whiteboards are great for drawing in the car as well.  They can write or draw an unlimited amount of pictures.  If you have more than one child in the backseat they can play games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman on them.
  4. Let them be photographers.  One of the best parts about a road trip is all of the new scenery along the way.  Let you child take pictures of all of it!
  5. Road trip scavenger hunt.  There are great printable scavenger hunts all over Pinterest, or if you are feeling crafty you can make your own.  This is a fun game that can last the whole road trip and keep them busy looking out the window.
  6. Snacks.  My boys are ALWAYS hungry, so to avoid making extra stops we always pack snacks for the car.  In the summer we even pack a cooler to keep food and drinks cold.  Our favorite snacks to pack are: whole fruit, granola bars, cheese sticks, cut up vegetables, dried fruit, and peanut butter crackers.  We also pack water and juice boxed.  But be careful not to let them drink too much, or you will have to make bathroom stops.
  7. Movies.  If all else fails then it is time to break out the portable DVD player or tablet.  I try to bring my kids favorite movies plus a few new ones.  A good movie will keep them occupied for a nice chunk of time in the car.
My boys sleeping after many hours in the car.


Now buckle up and get out on the road with your family.  You can make so many great memories before you even get to your destination! What are you tips and tricks for keeping your kids busy in the car?  Share in the comments below!