Support Black Owned Businesses in Pittsburgh

Reparations. Dismantling systematic racism. These have become more mainstream topics of discussion, as they should be. But what does that mean and how can the average person help with what seems to some a monumental task? 
Well I’m glad you asked. I am here to help you with one way to address these issues. Let me be clear before I go on, this is one part of a multi step process and more work is required from individuals, corporations, financial institutions and government. But what I am talking about today is making a real effort to seek out and support Black Businesses.
I can hear internet screaming back at me. But that’s reverse racism. All businesses matter. First of all, reverse racism isn’t a real thing and yes all businesses matter. That’s why we must invest in Black business. Black owned businesses are not treated equitably in the United States and in order to reach the levels of success and saturation of their counterparts we need to support them. Despite having the exact same qualifications, Blacks business owners are denied loans at twice the rate of any other race. Also financial institutions are reluctant to invest in Businesses located within predominantly Black neighborhoods. So if you are Black and you want to invest in your own neighborhood the obstacles can seem insurmountable.  All business owners should be able to see their dreams come to fruition, even the Black ones. By looking to consciously support Black owned business you are giving them a much needed boost to thrive.
Black Business owners offer not only much needed diversity but also fresh innovative ideas and services. If you have read any of my posts then you know how many everyday items and concepts were the product of Black Business owners. Life would literally not exist as we know without the ingenuity of Black Businessmen and women. With all of our sustained support we can look forward to more vibrant and equitable local business community. 

Here are some fantastic resources we have found in our search for businesses and non-profits to feature.

(please note: these listings are in random order, and contain external links and will navigate you away from this post. To return, click your browser’s back button. Pittsburgh Mom Collective has no control over the content within these links. We are sharing them for informational purposes. We are not affiliates, nor do we profit from referral.)

If you know of any good resources we should add to this list, please let us know! Email Carri at [email protected].

Did you know there’s “an app for that”?

Pittsburgh Mom Collective is Launching an official Local Directory in 2020, however we are dedicating the Black-Owned Business Guide to support as many as we can, right now.

If you are an owner, or want to support a business or non-profit, please visit the form for information as listed. You will receive an email confirming your submission. We will do our best to list as timely as possible. Thank you for your interest.


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Lanae Lumsden
Lanae is lifelong Pittsburgh resident with a brief stint in Ohio for her high school and middle school years. Most of her life she lived in Wilkinsburg but recently became a resident of the north boroughs. Lanae holds an associates’ degree in fashion merchandising and a bachelor’s degree in business management. After college, Lanae, entered the insurance and financial services industry by becoming a licensed agent and a claims specialist. Lanae also is an advocate for cloth diapering and baby wearing. Through her website she offers information and sources offering cloth diapering to all women and families in need. With two boys and 3 girls ranging in ages from 18- 2 most of her time is spent traveling to ballet lessons, band practice, and cello lessons. Also, two of her children are special needs and require various appointments and therapy. When there is time left, she enjoys writing, sewing and cooking. She is currently finishing up her first novel with more already in the works. With a love for travel, Lanae and her family have been to 5 different Caribbean islands and 2 countries in South America. So, look to hear more about the organized chaos that is traveling with 5 kids.