Pittsburgh Restaurant Week Ends August 21, Don’t Miss It!


I did not know this was a thing. But it is! And in Pittsburgh, we have so many great restaurants and so much yumminess is reasonably available at your finger tips.

PS… This is not a sponsored post, they did not ask or pay us for this review, I just really love food, and restaurants, and this city… oh, and spending time with my husband without our children! 

First though lets discuss the evolution of Pittsburgh with dining and entertainment. Let’s start with today in 2016, it’s awesome, but 17 years ago when we first moved here, it wasn’t!  Now, it’s so amazing we were named Top Food City in the country!

One night, somewhere in that 12-15 years ago range we had a sitter and a date night, let’s go into the city we thought… find a cool place and get into some trouble.

One word could describe the Steel City that night.

Ghost Town.

I’m talking like, its 5 o’clock and people are having a drink anywhere, but downtown and the North Shore, fun and food didn’t exist especially on a weeknight!

Fast Forward… 2016… Holy Meatballs ! (and by meatballs I’m talking about Sienna Mercato -to die for) so many cool, and actually tasty restaurants, so many calories to eat thank the moon and stars for the 21 day fix and all those color coded containers, because for real ladies, some good grub is all around the city these days!

Last night, my husband I ventured out to take advantage of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. So many options to choose from, which totally blows my mind!

So first we decided location did we want to be Downtown, Southside, Station Square or North Shore. I am so in love with the beauty of how they have built up the North Shore, that was my pick; plus, anytime I can set my eyes on water, it’s a must, the view of the point and Mount Washington is just gorgeous from that side of town.

Hyde Park ended up being our pick for the evening, it seemed a good compromise for the Carnivore and Pescatarian!  It was our first visit to this particular restaurant and let me just tell you the Dinner was amazing, the staff was fantastic! Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. We will definitely be back. Plus this drink was pretty awesome!


Let’s be honest though,  Nights out as busy Moms can be hard to find time to squeeze them in, and then trying a new restaurant and navigating menus can sometimes take more energy and brain power than we really have or want to give. If you have time this week, I highly recommend you pick a restaurant and check it out! They have special menus just for this week, and it takes the stress out of reading those big book of menus you sometimes get handed when you just want to sit and enjoy each others company without having to figure out what to eat when really all we want is to eat warm food, that someone else prepared without a kid, cat or dog screaming Mooommmyy!!!

Happy Eating

~ Brandee