Life Lessons from MOM

As we go through life we encounter so many experiences and come in contact with so many people that ultimately help to define who we are as individuals. For me, the most influential and loving relationship in my life is with my mother!

When we think about “mom” the first things that usually come to mind are the cleaning, doing laundry, tie my shoes, have dinner on the table, help me with homework mom but on Mother’s Day we embrace mom and thank her for all the gifts she has given us – Gifts of Life Lessons!

Growing up I wasn’t able to see these lessons but as I have become a mother to three beautiful blessings I want to take a moment to say, “Thank You Mom!”

mom flower

Thank You Mom, for loving me and caring for me in every way possible. From the dancing stage in 2nd grade, to wanting to try out for the basketball team in middle school – all the way through to starting my own family and wanting to start my own business you have pushed me to do my best and believed in me no matter what! Thank You, for teaching me that if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will!

Thank You Mom, for being supportive and taking an interest in my interests. Mom, you have taught me that life is more about the journey and less about the destination and as I grow older,because of you I have learned to cherish every moment of God’s blessings!

Thank You Mom, for teaching me Patience. Growing up we were a very busy family with all of us in different activities and headed in different directions. You and dad always managed to get us all where we needed to be and did it with such ease. I think back on those times when my own life starts to become a whirlwind and realize patience is a virtue!

Thank You Mom, for teaching me the importance of gratitude. Over the years I have come to see that this very simple word is something so very powerful! You modeled this for us in so many ways…Grace was said before mealtime, please and thank you was automatic and we always had out bedtime prayers to close out our very busy day.

Mom, you continuously make me feel so special and because of you I understand how important it is to hug and kiss my children, to listen to them and to tell them I love them everyday! Your constant love has taught me that there is nothing greater in life than loving your children more than life itself!

Today is a day to celebrate what it means to be a mom, and YOU! Home Free sums it up best in this video of their song, Mom!


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Meghan Meabon
Meghan is the Founder and Co-Owner of Pittsburgh Mom Collective. Born and raised in Pittsburgh also known as “The City of Neighborhoods.” She studied Education at Edinboro University where she also obtained her Masters in Educational Leadership. She's been married to her best friend and husband, Jeromie, for 18 years. Together they have been blessed with three beautiful children, son, Dylan 15 years old, daughter, Madison 13 years old and son, Jordan 9 years old. She enjoys watching the creative minds of her children as they participate in their extra activities. Favorite pastimes are cheering on the Pittsburgh Sports, relaxing on the beach and laughing with friends and family over a glass of red. Meghan is excited about meeting Pittsburgh Moms and connecting them to resources that will make their lives easier and more fun!