Kids Activities To Beat The Heat This Summer

The temperature is heating up in Pittsburgh and we’re staying cool with a bunch of fun kids activities!

I encourage my four kids to play outside as much as possible and most days they spend hours outdoors. During the hot Summer months, however, it’s easy for them to get overheated very quickly and want to spend more time inside. Because of that, we rely on water play in the Summer! There are traditional methods to stay cool such as swimming, sprinklers and slip and slides, but there are also so many other ways to keep cool! In addition to traditional activities, I like to plan unique kids activities that cool them down and provide hours of entertainment!

Here are my family’s favorite kids activities to beat the heat in the Summer while having a lot of fun along the way:

Visit a spray park.

There are quite a few free spray parks in the Pittsburgh area.  Playdates at the spray park with friends keep kids cool and occupied for hours!

Kids Activities To Beat The Heat

Have a squirt gun battle.

A few squirt guns from the dollar store can provide hours of entertainment and help the kids burn off lots of energy! Have a squirt gun refilling station handy outdoors because you don’t want your kids to run into your house to refill those water guns. Either a bucket of water or a drink dispenser will work great!

Jump on a trampoline with water balloons.

Fill up a bunch of water balloons and toss them onto the trampoline while your kids are jumping! Don’t worry if you don’t have a trampoline, because you can put the balloons in a large box or baby pool and let them stomp until all the balloons pop!

Kids Activities for Summer

Spend the day at a lake.

There are several family-friendly lakes in the greater Pittsburgh area and most have small beaches. Have a picnic, build some sand castles and go for a swim. It’s a fun day trip because it feels like you’re at the beach!

Play with sponge water bombs.

This is an incredibly easy DIY that is inexpensive and so much fun! Buy some sponges from the dollar store, cut them into strips, bunch 8-12 strips together and wrap tightly around the middle with a rubber band. Put a bunch in a bucket of water and let the kids toss them around!

Kids Activities Sponge Water Bombs

Have a pool day.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, head to a community pool or a friend’s pool, because nothing works better to cool you down than a day of swimming!

Kids Activities for Summer Swimming

Spend the day slipping and sliding.

Purchase an inexpensive slip and slide for your backyard and set the kids free! It’s one of those inexpensive backyard items that will provide hours of entertainment and so many laughs!

Kids Activities for Summer Slip and Slide

Visit the Water Steps in Pittsburgh.

The Water Steps in Pittsburgh is a great place to visit and you should add it to your bucket list right now!  It’s definitely a unique experience and it’s such a fun way to spend a Summer day.

Kids Activities for Summer

Play in a sprinkler.

Most families probably have a sprinkler in their backyard, but if not, I highly recommend purchasing one for your children because it will provide countless hours of fun!

Play a game of water balloon baseball.

Fill up some water balloons and toss them to your kids.  Lots of laughs will ensue while they play a very wet game of baseball!

Kids Activities Water Balloon Baseball

Make a simple water slide.

Attach a hose to the top of a slide and let the kids enjoy their very own water slide! Add some cushioning to the ground in front of the slide (a cheap pool float works well) because they will slide down quickly!

Break out the water table.

A water table is a must have for every child and if you haven’t purchased one yet, do so now! Fill it with water and toss in some ice cubes for some extra cooling power!

Kids Activities Water Table

Go for a creek walk.

Put on some old shoes and head to a nearby stream so the kids can splash and explore while getting some exercise!

Kids Activities Creek Walk

Play water balloon basketball.

Fill up some water balloons and have the kids get some exercise while tossing them into a basketball hoop!

Kick up trampoline jumping a notch.

If you own a trampoline, place that sprinkler underneath it and jump the afternoon away!

Play with water balloon pinatas.

Fill up some water balloons, hang them from a rope, blindfold the kids, hand them a plastic bat and let them swing away until all the balloons pop!

Kids Activities Water Balloon Pinatas

Go puddle jumping on a rainy day.

Don’t stay indoors while it’s raining and waste a Summer day! Put on some rain boots and rain coats, grab an umbrella and go puddle jumping!

Slip down a shaving cream slide.

Buy several cans of shaving cream from the dollar store and cover your backyard slide with the foam.  Place the bottom of the slide into a baby pool and let the kids go down the foamy slide and land in a pool full of water!

Kids Activities Shaving Cream Slide

Turn your backyard into a DIY splash pad.

This is such an easy and inexpensive idea that will provide hours of entertainment! Place a tarp on the ground in your backyard and fill it with numerous water toys. I like to add a sprinkler to the middle and a baby pool and water table along the edges. While the kids play, the tarp will get covered with water. Because of all that water, the tarp will become the perfect slip and slide!

Kids Activities DIY Backyard Splash Pad

While the kids play, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sun!

I hope you enjoy all these kids activities that are perfect for hot Summer days! Not only are they fun but they are also free or very inexpensive. Although we don’t want to think about it yet, Fall isn’t too far away.  My family is going to soak up the sun, spend our afternoons having fun and make memories along the way!

Kids Activities to beat the heat this Summer


What are your favorite kids activities to enjoy in the Summer?


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