Keeping Your Family Safe Is Always a Top Priority for Parents

Thank you to Guardian Protection for sponsoring this post and giving this mama peace of mind!

It was a regular evening full of kids’ homework, making dinner, preparing lunches and bags for the next day of school and work.  Finally I had a chance to sit down for a quick minute before the bedtime routine when a text alert came through on my phone.  It was from our neighbor up the street that included a video from their video security system.  She went on to explain that their alert went off during the middle of the night and when they went back to review the footage, saw a random person walking through their front yard carrying a book bag.  You could clearly see the individual walking up to the house then notice the lights went on and scurried away down the street to never be heard from or seen again.  In talking to other neighbors, there were no incidents or disturbances but knowing they had this feature on their house sure made them feel as secure as possible when something like that happens.  Needless to say, I turned to my husband to have him watch the video and said, “we need to get a security system installed now”!


The next day we picked up the phone and called Guardian Protection to schedule our consultation. We were surprised at how quickly we were able to be put on the books to meet one-on-one with a Guardian Protection expert. From the moment our consultant walked in the door, the process was relaxing and informative. It truly felt like I was catching up with an old friend. My husband and I were able to share what our most important needs were for installing a security system in our home. From there our consultant customized the perfect security system for us. By the end of our consultation we were able to pinpoint what windows and doors needed the sensors, where the motion activated sensor was best to capture the main entry, the video doorbell and driveway cameras and two monitored smoke detectors for early fire detection and quick response time! Now I will be honest, we are not the most tech savvy couple but after spending some time with our consultant and having every question answered we were very anxious for next steps… installing our Home Security Alarm Systems!

Installation Day

The big day had arrived! One of the many things that appealed to us was the professional installation that Guardian Protection provides. Their technicians really know the equipment and truly are experts in their area. Just like our consultation experience the installation phase was just as comforting! Our technician arrived and prior to beginning his work took the time to explain everything that he was going to be doing and allowed for as much time as we needed to ask any initial questions. When it came time for him to set out his equipment we were so impressed with the organization and thoroughness in testing out each specific unit of the system. 

Once everything was installed all the equipment was again tested and retested to make sure everything was working properly and had a strong signal. After several hours of work our technician excitedly said, “Now for the fun stuff! Let’s learn how to use your Guardian Protection home alarm system!” We first started with setting up our information on the website, then walked over to the panel and step-by-step learned all the ins and outs of all our features. If that wasn’t enough to show us how easy it was to use this system, we then downloaded the Guardian Protection App. To be able to arm and disarm our system, control all of our smart devices and access our account anytime/anywhere is just an added layer of peace of mind!

There is no better feeling than knowing your family is fully protected in their home. I’ve officially decided I simply can’t do mom life without our smart home security system with home automation and 24/7 monitoring provided by Guardian Protection! We are so excited to dive in and get started. Stay tuned for part two of our three part series as we talk about all the wonderful features we’ve come to experience and know in our home safety package!

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