Crafts For Kids: Sensory Puffy Paint Cupcake Tutorial

My beautiful daughter, Alexandria, is celebrating her 10th birthday today! It’s so hard to believe that she is already in the double digits. In honor of her double digit birthday, I am sharing one of her favorite crafts!

Sensory Puffy Paint has always been a hit in our home! My kids love arts and crafts, and this one is their favorite. Not only is it fun to make, but it dries into the softest, puffiest texture that just begs to be touched. A Puffy Paint Cupcake Craft seemed like the perfect choice for Lexie’s 10th Birthday!


  • 1 can of shaving cream
  • 1 bottle of white school glue
  • food coloring
  • white paper
  • construction paper (for cupcake liners)
  • glue stick
  • glitter
  • paint brushes
  • bowls 
  • sprinkles
  • markers and stickers to decorate the liner (optional)


Gather your kids and your supplies, and sit them in a place that wipes clean easily. We often use a plastic picnic tablecloth that wipes clean, but puffy paint wipes easily off of our hardwood floors without leaving a stain.

Fill each bowl (1 per color of puffy paint) with 2 oz of white school glue then add just over an equal amount of shaving cream.

Add drops of food coloring to the bowls and stir to blend. Continue stirring and blending until the desired color is reached. The resulting mixture will be thick enough to not drip off the paint brush when you lift it out of the bowl. 

Cut “cupcake liners” out of construction paper and glue them to the white paper.

Now comes the fun part! Use the puffy paint to paint the “frosting” on the cupcakes. Make sure to use large globs of puffy paint while painting so it ends up thick and fluffy when it is dry. (Hint: Use paintbrushes with large bristles.)

Top the “cupcake” with sprinkles and/or glitter IMMEDIATELY after painting so it sticks. Shake off the excess, then decorate the cupcake liner with glitter, words or stickers. My kids love to personalize their puffy paint cupcakes!

Allow the Puffy Paint Cupcake Craft to dry for 12 hours. Kids will love touching the puffy paint “frosting” over and over again!

No matter how many times my kids make puffy paint crafts, it never gets old! From mixing up the paint to creating the crafts, they remain engaged during every step of the process. We usually make one for each season and holiday. Not only do they hold up well during the constant touching, but they also make great keepsakes! 

Creating this Sensory Puffy Paint Cupcake craft was the perfect way to start celebrating Lexie’s birthday! Happy Birthday to my incredibly sweet, loving, kind and compassionate 10 year old. She is every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!



You can find Stefanie’s family crafting, creating, experimenting, playing and exploring on Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too and keep up with their daily adventures on Instagram.



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Stefanie Settlemire
Stefanie is a wife and SAHM to 4 children, living in Mars. Stefanie and her husband refer to their children as Phase One (Dylan-Age 13 and Alexandria-Age 10) and Phase Two (Liliana-Age 6 and Liam-Age 4). Phase Three is out of the question! Stefanie’s family became a family blessed with Down syndrome when her youngest child had a surprise diagnosis after his birth. Although the family’s initial reaction was shock and fear, they quickly learned to embrace this beautiful journey and they now realize what the term “The Lucky Few” really means. Stefanie spends her days wrangling chaos. In addition to four kids, her family has 4 large pet rabbits...the more the merrier! In her spare time she loves to embarrass her children by singing show tunes from her musical theater days, come up with messy projects to keep her children busy, chase her children around with her camera, read, volunteer for the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, blog at and post daily on Instagram ( Sleep is just a distant memory!