At Home Summer Bucket List 2022

     Schooooooool’s out for Summer! And now you think to yourself “OH NO!–WHAT ARE WE GOING TO FILL OUR TIME WITH!?” 

     No worries! I’ve got you covered with this At-Home summer bucket list, ideas for kids of all ages! Anything that is DIY(do it yourself) or MYO (make your own) you can totally google and find easy recipes and how-to videos for!

     I make a bucket list for us every summer, and the kids always love it! This year I thought I would try a new style, of just at-home ideas. I like to make this on a poster board or chalkboard, or print it, something tangible, and cross them off/highlight them/put stickers on the ideas we have accomplished as we go. You could also do a bucket-bucket list to take the fun one step further! Use popsicle sticks or paper, write the ideas down, and then just toss them all in a bucket or jar, and pick from there randomly.

     My kids are done school in 8 days. EIGHT! So I personally plan to rake through my bucket list here this week, see what I have on hand for these awesome ideas, and anything I don’t, I will be tossing in an online shopping cart (Walmart/Target/Amazon/Michaels, wherever you like to shop or do a pickup from!) and just grabbing it all at once! That way I have everything in my home for whatever we choose at any time. With kids of all age ranges, 17, 8, and 3, I want to minimize my trips to the store this summer and maximize my time at home!