A new kind of grocery delivery for a new kind of day

Did someone say, “Make life easier!”

Grocery shopping… just saying those words makes me cringe. Every week I tell myself that I am going to schedule this chore on a better day and better time. Guess what…it doesn’t happen and I find myself grocery shopping on Sunday with every other local around! Ugh!

Well guess what?!?!? Walmart has us busy moms in mind by making one item on our to do list easy to check off! Walmart InHome is a grocery delivery service that uses smart entry technology to be able to deliver groceries into your kitchen or garage (and put them away!) whether you’re home or not.

How it works:

  • Visit Walmart Inhome to sign up and choose kitchen or garage fridge delivery, a professional technician will come and install your smart device for FREE. 
  • Order Walmart groceries online and select “InHome” as your delivery option.
  • On your selected delivery date, a Walmart associate who has worked at the store for at least one year will shop, deliver, and put away your groceries. (four different background checks are completed on each associate for extra insurance of security.)
  • When fridge-stocking is finished, the associate leaves, locks your door and turns off their DeliveryCam, notifying you that your delivery is complete.

With InHome, there are no hidden fees, no tipping allowed and the prices are the same as you’d find in the store. Pay your monthly membership cost, and the cost of your groceries, that’s it!

Don’t hassle the hauling of groceries in and out of your vehicle while your children are nagging each other in the back seat. Who wants to think about tonight’s dinner menu after a full day of work and activities… just go home to a full fridge!

Now for one of the best parts of Walmart InHome, get that workout in early, spend extra time with the family, whatever is on that mama list, do it knowing that the grocery shopping is taken care of!

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Pittsburgh Moms Blog is excited to have partnered with Walmart to share information with Pittsburgh families about their InHome service.