30 for 30: 30 things I’ve learned by my 30th birthday

Turning 30 feels refreshing. It’s a blank slate with all the wisdom you’ve amassed.

I love to reflect before each of my birthdays and this year I’ve come up a list of 30 things I’ve learned . It’s great for moms coming to 30, new moms, and anyone wanting to learn something new. Fair disclaimer, I may drop a joke or two.

Buckle up, let’s get started.

  • Fuzzy socks are amazing for Pittsburgh winters and bus stop trips.
  • Yoga is amazing for stress management 
  • Living with intention provides results.
  • Prioritizing self love is vital to well being.
  • Save and invest what you can now, not later.
  • Magic and manifesting are real, if you believe in it.
  • Moving your body consistently radically improves mood, health, and overall wellbeing.
  • Don’t dare drive the speed limit in and around the Pittsburgh area, they get feisty!! lol jk jk 🚗 💨😂

  • Take the trip, make the memories.
  • No, the clothes do not magically fold themselves.
  • Asking for help doesn’t make you weak.
  • Standing up for yourself and your boundaries doesn’t make you a bad person.
  • It’s okay to say no.
  • Fries on tacos are amazing. – I’m a biggg foodie, feel free to drop your fav Pittsburgh area restaurant in the comments
  • A cluttered place can create a cluttered mind. 
  • Water is healing, oceans, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, spiritual baths. I love them all.
  • Don’t take things so personal.
  • Celebrate all wins.
  • Having a gratitude practice amplifies abundance.
  • Don’t feel guilty for needing and receiving rest.
  • Me time is a must, even if it’s 5 minutes.
  • Most places outside of Pittsburgh seem taken aback when you ask if fries come on the salad.
  • A deep breath has massive impact on emotion regulation.
  • Moderation over restriction in nutrition makes a world of difference.
  • It’s okay to make new connections and friends, the true ones will always stick around.
  • Trust your intuition/gut feeling.
  • After the creation of high waisted leggings, I’m not sure I can go back to jeans. Hello belly in pants 🤣
  • Be mindful of the content you feed your mind.
  • Yes, I have to go the the Potato Patch every time I go to Kennywood. 
  • Life doesn’t change unless you do.
  • You are worth it, no if ands or buts about it.
  • Mastering overthinking is a game changer.

It’s pretty surreal writing this when I look at my growth from starting with Pittsburgh Moms Collective. Thank you all for reading my content over the past 5 years and bearing witness to that. Instead of viewing my 30th birthday as a “death to my youth”, I see it as a beautiful thriving beginning to a magical life. 

Would you like to share what you’ve learned? Drop some in the comments below!






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Brittany Allen
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