The Visiting Family Guide to Pittsburgh

Looking for things to do, places to see, and where to eat in Pittsburgh? We’ve got you covered with all our guides and all our lists to help you explore the beautiful city of Pittsburgh! From outdoors to indoors, we have a full list for you to enjoy while visiting the Steel City!

Places To Eat


Dining out is a treat, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Because we love you as much as we love a great bargain (especially if it involves food), we’ve compiled a list of Pittsburgh eateries where children eat free or cheaply. 

Parks, Parks, Parks


Parks provide an opportunity to get active outdoors and to enjoy nature. One of the things we love about living in Pittsburgh is the ability to find many family friendly parks.

Splash Pads

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With rising temperatures outside and ever increasing energy inside with children everywhere, a visit to a local splash park is the perfect solution. Little did you know how many splash parks Pittsburgh hosts.

Indoor Play

Indoor Play

The Pittsburgh area is home to a vast array of fun indoor activities that help kids burn off their energy and in some cases even spark their creativity. From trampoline parks to art studios we have your guide to the most fun indoor activities for your kiddos (and you)!