What I’m Actually Thankful for This Year


           This time each year, when we start lighting our pumpkin spice candles and fighting over who will host Thanksgiving, we think about what we are thankful for. Most peoples’ lists may include their family, friends, health … you know, all those beautiful #blessings that you could find on a Hobby Lobby wall plaque.

            Now, of course I’m grateful for my husband, my son, my family, and all the aforementioned cliché answers. But, what about the other things we mamas relish? You know, the items we may not list off over mouthfuls of turkey and pumpkin pie?


If I’m Really Being Honest…

   Here are the things that make this mama’s heart sing:   

  1. Getting to carpool a few minutes early and having a little time to scroll in silence
  2. When leftovers last longer than expected and you get to put off cooking for one more night
  3. When the kids sleep in, and you have 13 minutes to yourself in the morning
  4. When you can watch your favorite show in a single sitting rather than turning it into a 6 part mini series
  5. When plans are cancelled, and you no longer have to put on a bra
  6. When the easy items are still left on the class party sign-up sheet
  7. Randomly deciding to go to Chick-fil-A … and it not being a Sunday
  8. Reading a magazine in the bathtub and not getting interrupted
  9. When you reach that point in a friendship where you no longer need to put on real pants to hang out
  10. After the kids go to sleep and you can eat your treat without any beggars
  11. “No bath” nights for the kids
  12. When your grocery pick up order has no “unavailables” …
  13. …or substitutions, unless it ends up getting you the economy size baby wipes for the cheaper price!
  14. Dry shampoo and the magic that it truly is
  15. Bedtimes when bribery—I mean, positive reinforcement—isn’t required
  16. Unexpected discounts at your Target check out
  17. Getting to listen to your music in the car (instead of Blippi)
  18. When you get home from your night out and the babysitter already has the kids asleep
  19. Take out nights, when you forego thawing, prepping, cooking, and cleaning for some yummy to-go
  20. When you get an accident report from preschool and your kid wasn’t the assailant


What About You?

            So, what not-so-obvious-answers are on your thankful list this year?

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Madison Stilson
Madison is a Louisiana native who recently moved to with her family to Harmony, a small town in the Pittsburgh suburbs. Madison studied Elementary Grades Education at LSU after which she taught elementary school in Baton Rouge. She is now a stay-at-home mom who enjoys watching “Blippi” and tripping over Hot Wheels that her son Matthew leaves all over the floor. She has an affinity for all things organization; a new planner, label maker, or cubby is like Christmas morning to her. She is often guilty of staying up well past her bedtime reading library books on her Kindle or watching Lifetime Christmas movies. Madison has struggled with chronic health issues for the better part of a decade and is constantly working toward improving her health. She enjoys connecting with other mamas and appreciates the creative outlet that writing provides her.