You’re Not Unmotivated: You’re Disconnected

I see this a lot. 

Women say that they are unmotivated or they just don’t have the energy to get it done. I understand and resonated completely with this statement before I began my spiritual journey to reconnecting with myself.

One great thing about 2020 is I was able to learn a lot. Not just new things, but I learned a lot about myself. Without realizing it, I was deepening my spiritual practice by reading healing books, getting certified in Reiki, and dabbling in magic (highly recommend btw).

I noticed I stopped feeling unmotivated, filled with inspiration just from tending to my spiritual connection. I began to know myself well, I could verbalize things I loved to do- I used to say I loved sleep when my daughter was little. Then as she got older I noticed I would say it out of default because for a long time I had no idea who I was on the inside.

For years I only focused on my “titles” as who I am. Mother, Girlfriend, Employee, Stylist, Friend, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor. And completely left me out of that equation, leading me to burnout what felt like a million times. It was a never ending loop of feeling tapped out and lost.

Unfortunately, it took me years to fall in love with myself again by reconnecting to who I really am. I did that by plunging myself into self discovery over the recent years, and I’m happy to share with you that you can fall in love with yourself again too. 

You can start right now by not being hard on yourself anymore. Then deciding you are going to start doing or trying new things to discover or rediscover yourself. It’s so hard to feel motivated when your burned out from responsibilities and wearing all the hats. 

I encourage you, even if it’s for 20 minutes a week, take all the hats off and JUST BE YOU. Reconnect to the woman deep down inside by taking care of her, because she is you.