What Would it Cost? The Price of Loving Yourself

Over the past 4 weeks I’ve shared information on how to cultivate a self love mindset, which really is a fancy way of saying take care of yourself, more importantly on being aware of what that means. From clean eating to finding your fitness, each of those actions are a powerful step in self care. It also grows into a beautiful self love that can transform small shifts into big changes. That one small shift in how you love yourself can unlock so many opportunities to reach your goals. The journey will become fun!

One thing I’d love to leave you with is this question.

What would it cost if you don’t make the healthy shifts or changes you seek?

It’s very easy to fantasize and obsess about the results, but not many consider what it would mean if you don’t make the change? We show up unconditionally for others and adapt to change for them to help them grow. The thought of not showing up doesn’t feel good because we know how it will affect them negatively. That should apply in our own self care. What happens when or if you don’t show up for yourself? In my experience it was another year of unwanted things. Another year of, “next year” or “next Monday”. That eventually turned into a terrifying health scare and an eye opening realization that self love and mindset are connected to wellness.

No one can fill our cup of self love like we can. It is our responsibility to make sure we care about how we feel as we do anyone else. This may mean contributing the word no in your vocabulary more often to allow the yes for yourself. Creating and holding the boundaries that keep you feeling good, not overwhelmed, underappreciated, and stressed. If you ever need some inspiration to pick back up, this series will be here for you to press restart in your self care journey.

Our last yoga video is a super fun, silly flow with my own daughter to show yoga can be fun for everyone! Grab your kiddos and try before bed or anytime you want to move with them! The choices you make today will make lasting effects on them, let’s start them off on a positive note. Comment below and let us know how you’ll be taking care of you this year. I am so grateful you’ve done the past 4 weeks with me! Thank you Pittsburgh Moms Blog for letting this happen. Press play for our Mommy and Me Flow!