Movement Mindset: What’s Your Soulmate Workout? [[Video Inside]]

Movement is medicine. It offers many health benefits including a improved self esteem, better sleep, and happier moods are to name a few. Unfortunately it’s one of the biggest components in a healthy lifestyle that gets forgotten in resolutions. A lot of that happens because people try a certain style of fitness, not like it then think all fitness is not for them. Myself for example, I initially thought in order to get in shape I would consistently have to run/jog in order to get results. I also didn’t enjoy running so it did not last long and I gave in again to giving up because I thought it was the only way. Then I was introduced to HIIT that gave me a new perspective on exercise. A quick workout that can be done everywhere and short on time? Win Win. I was also enlightened when I found dance fitness and Buti Yoga. Both are creative ways to add movement in your life and some of my favorites. I attribute my weight loss success because I took the time to find what kind of fitness suited my life. When you love it, it becomes fun, not a chore.

When choosing your soulmate workout you only have to focus on if you like it. It’s a great idea to try new classes by dropping in and seeing what it’s about. Consider your body goals as well. To you want to lose weight or build more muscle? Both are different results and require different workouts. Here’s a list of examples of different types of fitness to give you an idea where to start. 

  • Aerobics
  • Dance Fitness
  • Cycling 
  • Yoga
  • Weight Lifting
  • Running, Walking
  • Belly Dancing

This list can go on and on, it’s a great place for you to try different ways of moving. Do you have a favorite workout? Share in the comments where you go to get your sweat on! Lately I’m at home practicing vinyasa and Buti Yoga! Feel free to shout your gym out, you may inspire someone to try. Here is another gentle flow, thank you for reading and participating in New Year New Mindset. We have one more post to go!