Clean Eating Mindset: How Do You Feel About Food? {Video Inside}

Eating healthier is a common goal in almost everyone’s resolution. What does that mean to you? Take a look at your relationship with food when you consider making goals towards it. Do you have healthy food habits? Do you appreciate your food and feel like you’re fueling your body? Or do you mindlessly eat because your bored? Or emotional, or worse, stressed?

Like many others, including myself, have a rocky relationship with food if the mindset around it isn’t positive. If you eat a lot and then shame yourself for doing so, that is a key sign about your mindset and the food you eat. I used to either eat when bored or binge completely when I was going through a stressful emotional time. Even though I knew eating sweets to no end wasn’t good for me, I kept going. In hindsight I see now that that was my way of being in somewhat control of the tough situation I was in. I was confronted with changing the way I felt about food when I realized I had to change my eating habits if I wanted to see my health improve. I had to rewire my brain when it came to my food choices. Prior to choosing to live a healthier lifestyle I absolutely rejected the thought of vegetables. And even the little veggies I did eat were covered in unhealthy amounts of salt. So I’m sure you can imagine when I purged my house of processed foods and replaced them with vegetables, that it didn’t last long. That’s because I felt like it was such hard negative task. It almost felt like a punishment to eat healthy and my results showed that.

I then was blessed with a few affirmations or thoughts when it comes to eating healthy foods and I’m going to share those with you so you can redirect your mind from going to the land of never ending snacks. Here a few phrases that opened my Clean Eating Mindset to a positive one.


  1. I am showing my body love by eating healthy, whole foods. Sounds simple but it’s true. Our bodies know what we give it and we can tell by the reactions we get after eating. This statement also changes the phrase of “I’m on a diet” or “I have to eat healthy”. You go from forcing yourself to do it to actually wanting too.
  2. I enjoy fueling myself with healthy energy. This ties into food because it’s where we get our nutrients and essentially the energy our body needs. It’s a great statement when you’re considering your food options because with this affirmation you will find yourself choosing the healthier option because you are happy to pick the best thing that fuels your body with healthy energy. 
  3. I appreciate the process of picking and preparing my own meals. This will be a game changer if you eat out all the time. Cooking is a grounding, self love process that shows your body and the universe that you love it enough to prepare your own meals. You can elevate that by choosing healthier foods every time and before you know it you will be consciously making the choice to eat healthy, not reminded by that healthy post that just scrolled by. Cooking my own meals helped me lose a lot of weight. Not only do you control the portions but you are aware of the ingredients ultimately avoiding a lot of the preservatives that come with fast, easy to make, processed foods. 

Your homework is to start these affirmations if your goal is to eat healthier and make it apart of your lifestyle. They are great building blocks to maintain a Clean Eating Mindset. How do you feel about your eating habits? Share below in the comments. I invite you to take 15 minutes to yourself today and do my simple and sweet yoga flow with hip openers and low back tension relief. 

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Brittany Allen
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