Try Out the Brozone PureWash Pro X2!

If you’re anything like me, laundry is something you feel like you can never get ahead of. I start the week feeling like I can tackle the laundry but either don’t make it back downstairs, run out of detergent, or just simply don’t have the energy to take on the large pile of onesies, sleepers and princess dresses at the end of the day. 


And when I finally get to it, it’s so important that it’s actually clean. This is where Brozone and the PureWash Pro X2 comes in. 


Mark and Adam Rice are the founders of Brozone, and have more than a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the science behind clean clothes- Mark spent years working in intercollegiate athletics and Adam has a background in microbiology and infectious disease as a pharmacist. What originally started out as a mobile service to clean sports equipment, has now grown to in-home products that anyone can use to improve their lives, not just sports families.


Wondering how it works?

When talking to Mark before trying the PureWash Pro X2 he gave me a few pointers-  The PureWash Pro X2 uses oxidizers to wash away dirt, stains, bacteria odors  and that left-in-the-washer-too-long smell, all while using little to no laundry detergent!


He mentioned pre-treating stains as usual (spraying, pre-soaking, etc.) and using dryer sheets rather than fabric softener. 


I figured my first load of laundry to test out this new product should be one that needed (more than a little) attention. I had started the laundry earlier but never got back to it. There was also a sweater with a mysterious toddler stain on the shoulder in the load.


After mounting the unit and pressing “start” on the washing machine, the PureWash Pro X2 immediately lit up blue indicating the cycle had begun, the oxidizing process was in full-swing, and my washing machine was starting to fill with cold water. 


As I was running my washing machine, I kept thinking about all the moms that could use this: moms with little ones who have sensitive skin, moms of a newborn, moms with children in sports (Goodbye, smelly jerseys!), active moms who enjoy working out and busy moms who don’t have time to separate light clothes from dark…and the list goes on!


By only using cold water and eliminating laundry detergent, this product is an environmentally friendly alternative to an everyday household chore- you simply mount it to the wall and attach it to your washing machine’s cold water supply. 


After the cycle was completed, I noticed that the sweater stain was gone and so was the left- in-the-washer smell! I was thrilled!  I popped the clothing  in the dryer and started on my second load immediately!  


As a mom with little ones, the pureWash Pro X2 by Brozone removed baby food, odors and every day stains. What an easy and convenient way to save money, energy and gain peace of mind knowing that your clothes are clean.

Want to try it out for yourself? Brozone is giving away one PureWash Pro X2 to one lucky reader!  Just click here to enter! And use the coupon code PGHMOMS to get 10% off any of their other physical retail products just in time for Mother’s Day.

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