Melissa McMahon

Melissa McMahon
Melissa is originally from a small town in Massachusetts, but so happy to be making her home in Pittsburgh with her husband and best friend, Brian. Their family includes a cranky old cat, a lovable hound dog, and two wild and sweet daughters, Everly and Alison. Melissa began her career as an English major, but through some twists and turns, ended up right where she was supposed to be as a cardiac nurse. She loved nursing, but decided to switch things up again and become a stay at home Mom to her two awesome girls. She spends her days pretending to eat fake food, cleaning up the same messes she cleaned up the day before, and giving lots of hugs and kisses. It’s the best. Melissa is so excited to be writing again, and can’t wait to connect with and learn from the Pittsburgh Moms Blog community!

Homemade Waffles

One of our favorite things to do as a family is make and enjoy a big breakfast together on the weekends. These waffles are made in my house at least twice a month. Over...

The Perfect Preschooler Spring Day – Picnic in the Park!

Spring has almost sprung - and if your kids are anything like mine, they are dying to get outside and play! One of our favorite things to do as soon as the weather is...

Parenting without a Parent

My Dad was a giant to me. Not just in the way that Dads are giants in their children lives, but he was a broad shouldered, big guy. He had a loud laugh and...

PMC Recipe Box :: Creamy Celery Soup

This soup is the perfect way to use up extra celery, and warm your bones on a winter's day! Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes   1 head of celery, chopped (remove and reserve some leaves) 1...

The Best Lessons of Family Game Night

Recently, on a Saturday afternoon, my husband and I were hauling our two overtired preschoolers home after a very busy morning. Trying to come up with a plan for our evening, my husband suggested,...

The Best Banana Muffins

Have a couple brownish bananas laying around your kitchen? This Banana Bread recipe is straight from my Grandma. And DELICIOUS. Try it out, let me know what you think!

What Do You Want, Mom?

This won’t come as a surprise to any parents reading this, but from the time I wake up in the morning, until the time I go to bed at night, I am taking care...

The BEST Caramel Apple Pie

Have you been looking for the perfect apple pie recipe? Here it is! I recommend making a lattice crust, but if that's not your thing, I promise this pie will still turn out delicious!...

Choosing a Sunscreen: What’s Right for your Family?

As parents, we all do the best we can to keep our children safe. Recently, while standing in front of roughly 8,000 different sunscreens in the store, I became paralyzed by indecision. I was...

Making Homemaking Work For You

Since I was 16, I have always had at least one full time job. I loved the feeling of putting in a full days work, and feeling like I had accomplished something at the...