Ashley Dolar

Ashley Dolar
Ashley Dolar is an experienced freelance writer, blogger, and certified language arts teacher. She believes in the power of proper grammar and original content. You can connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.

My Wish For Moms

Maternal mental health is an issue near and dear to my heart. I wrote about my experience with PPD in a previous post because I was blindsided--and I wanted other families to know that...

Because You Won’t Be Three Forever

Dear Daughter, Today is your third birthday. Please excuse me while I cry quietly in the corner. I am humming ABBA’s Slipping Through my Fingers on loop, and I don’t want you to hear it....

My Secret Soap Opera Addiction

After a day like today, I just want to sink into my couch, put up my feet, and turn on my soap opera. There’s something about a fictional town with larger-than-life gossip that helps...

When Toddlers Are (Accidentally) Wise

Toddlers are stubborn, irrational creatures. They want to go outside to play but won’t put on shoes. They want a steady stream of snacks but won’t sit for a meal. And that’s all in...

Why Do We Love Christmas Trees?

I have a strange tradition. Every year I watch my husband drag a cardboard box down from the attic. Then we assemble a fake Christmas tree, fluff its spiky branches, and place a silver...

The Lie: I Should Have It Together by Now

Have you read Rachel Hollis’ book Girl, Wash Your Face? Neither have I. But I Googled it after I found out that the wait list at the library is three miles long. The premise...

Breast Cancer from a Daughter’s Perspective

Fourteen years ago the editor of my college newspaper handed me one of my first assignments. I remember being excited to cover a big story--Elizabeth Edwards had recently been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer....

Reading “The Giving Tree” through the Eyes of Motherhood

This post celebrates National Read a Book Day. I rocked my sniffling two year old like she was a newborn, patting her bottom and singing a lullaby. The humidifier hummed in the background and the sound...

Yummy BLT Summer Salad

This BLT recipe is so easy and seemingly healthy that you’ll want to make it tonight! All you need is 20 minutes and a few pantry staples. My favorite part is that most of...

Tired as a Mother

Her black t-shirt said it all. “Tired as Mother” was scrawled across the front in pretty, white cursive. I saw her at the pool last weekend with her newborn in a stroller and her toddler...