Staycation Ideas: Fun for the Whole Family

Post originally published 06/08/2016 and republished on 05/21/2024.

School is about to be out and our little munchkins will need some fun for all that extra time. Sure there will be fun vacations, but they’re normally far and few apart. What about the regular days where you don’t want to leave but have fun at home? Or you may want to save money yet still have a great time. Staycations are a great option that will give great memories for the entire family.

At home Staycations can really be fun because the options are endless.  Our summertime favorite is whipping the pool out and turning our back porch into a pool party.

We also love to pull out costumes and play dress up, which is great for all seasons.

Arts and Crafts is a big time favorite at our house, painting at the top of the list. 

You could shake up bedtime by having a sleepover in the living room.  Find a movie on Netflix or hit the Redbox for a family friendly movie.  Get snacks (of course)  :), blankets, pillows, and jammies.  I remember having so much fun as a kid with our at home sleep overs.  My favorite thing about staycations is: you can create great memories without doing to much.  They’re easy to put together, you don’t have to leave, and they don’t cost much.  The smiles makes it all worth it.

Local Staycations are just as fun because you get out of the house but are close to home. Parks are always a great option on nice days, bring a blanket and snacks.  Your normal park trip just turned into an awesome picnic.  Pittsburgh is a great city with all its kid friendly activities.  From museums, parks, and events there are so many options to choose from.  The local library is a great place to visit as well.  I love reading and my daughter does too so it’s one of our favorite places to go.  With summer around the corner fireworks will be here so there’s an option to end a fun day.  There are a lot of movie theaters close by if you love movies.  It’s something amazing about the big screen and yummy popcorn.

I do think vacations are great and I think we all can use one.  Sometimes we can’t just pick up and go but definitely need a pick me up for the family.  Staycations are a great alternative and can provide lot’s of fun.  Some of the best moments I’ve had were at home.