10 Outdoor Water Games for Kids This Summer

Post originally published on 06/15/2016 and republished on 05/21/2024

It’s that time of year!!!!  The kids are out of school and the weather is gorgeous.  Lets have some fun in the sun with the kids.  Here are 10 fun and easy water games that will help your kids beat the heat and keep them entertained.  Happy Summer!!!

10 fun games with water for summer

  1. Water Balloon Pinatas.  Fill up water balloons and hang them with a string just like a pinata.  Instead of having candy your child will get water dumped on them.  I would recommend not blindfolding them so they know when the water is coming.
  2. Pass the Water.  Give each child a plastic cup, and have them stand facing each other.  Fill one child’s cup with water, and have them stand a few steps away from each other.  They can try to throw the water to each other and catch it in the cup.  Start off close together and slowly move apart.  There will definitely be more water on the kids than in the cup!
  3. Water Balloon Towel Toss.  For this game you will need four people, so that you can make two teams and two towels.  Have one member from each team hold one end of their towel, and one of the teams put the water balloon in the middle of their towel.  Pass the water balloon back and forth between the teams using only the towels.
  4. Sprinkler Fun.  If you have a hose your children will LOVE playing in a sprinkler.  They are not very expensive and all you have to do is screw it on to your hose.  My kids could play in the sprinkler for hours if I let them!  If you don’t have a hose you can also take a trip to the closest spray park, they are TONS of fun too.
  5. Water Balloon Fight.  There is nothing more fun than a water balloon fight.  Fill up as many water balloons as you can and let the children throw them at each other.  At the end I always make it a contest to see who can pick up the most balloon pieces to help make clean up a little more fun.
  6. Water Balloon Relay Race.  There are so many fun ways to have a water balloon relay race, so just get creative!  You can have the children balance water balloons on big spoons, or have them run across the yard and sit on the balloon and run back. You can even put a little hole in the water balloon and have them race to fill up plastic cups.  The variations are endless, so just have a good time with it.
  7. Ice Cube Dig.  This activity will need to be planned a little bit ahead of time.  You can use any size plastic container you like.  Fill the plastic container up 1/3 of the way with water and place it in the freezer.  When the water is frozen scatter a layer of small toys  in the container, then place a layer of water over the toys.  Put the plastic container back in the freezer and keep repeating until the container is full.  When its fully frozen take the huge ice block out of the container, and give your kids any tool available to dig into the cube to get the toys out.  I let my kids use tools from their pretend tool set, spoons, spray bottles, and paint brushes.water balloons
  8. Water Gun Target Fun.  Stack up plastic cups and have your kids try to know them over using water guns.
  9. Water Balloon Parachute.  Fill the water balloon up with water but make sure its not too full.  Then take a plastic bag with handles and tie the handles to the water balloon where you closed it at.  Now have your child throw it up in the air and watch the plastic bag become a parachute!
  10. Water Balloon Art.  For this you will need a very large piece of paper to lay on the ground outside.  Fill the water balloons up with water color paints and have children throw them at the large paper.  It will make beautiful art and be lots of fun!

These are just some of the fun games you can play outside with your kids this summer. What are some of your favorite water games?