Guardian Protection Has Us Covered

Thank you to Guardian Protection for sponsoring this post and continuing to give this mama peace of mind!

We have officially hit the one month mark of our Guardian Protection System being fully functional and we can say with certainty it is an absolute must have.  As we mentioned in our last post, we are not the most tech savvy family, however with the features and teachings from our install tech the entire family has found the system to be easy to learn and operate. Just last week my husband and I both got tied up with work. In the past, it was a scramble to contact family or neighbors to get our kids off the school bus until we got home because… what kid actually remembers to take their house key. Now with having Guardian’s keyless security we can disarm our system and unlock the front door all from our smartphone! An additional feature is the system allows you to assign unique codes for different users. For example, we were just out of town for our daughter’s basketball tournament and my mother-in-law was dog sitting for us.  We were able to assign her very own access code so she could disarm and enter on her schedule instead of having to make arrangements with us.

With this being a customizable whole home protection system, it truly has allowed me, a mother of three, to sleep more peacefully even while my husband is traveling for work. Although new, I was able to confirm with him that the system was armed appropriately at night before we slept and also set up correctly for when we were away during the daylight hours. With installation of Guardian’s monitored fire system it provides an extra layer knowing that the surveillance team is able to notify firefighters in response to the alarm. Guardian uses only photoelectric smoke detectors – these are known to be more responsive to fires that begin with a long period of smoldering, often an advance warning sign of dangerous flames and deadly smoke.

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Speaking of the surveillance team, Guardian Protection is ranked among the very best in the nation, as their security systems are monitored 24/7 which was truly attested by us the other morning.  It was 6:00am and my husband was going to take our dog for his morning walk and opened the back door but forgot to disarm before doing so.  The alarm went off and once I was able to get to the keypad to punch our code in, the phone was ringing instantly with a call from the Guardian Team.  It was of course a faulty alarm, this time anyways, but the person quickly identified themself to confirm that all was ok and asking us to provide them with our password.

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These are only a few examples of the unique features we have in our whole home protection system but along with those, may be our most favorite, or should I say the most fun, the camera overlooking the driveway and our video doorbell.  Not only do these give us the extra coverage of seeing and knowing who has pulled onto our property or at our front door while we may be away, it allows me to see the dog is barking at the delivery person as they drop off my package I ordered last night.

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