Dinner For 1. Self Love During a Pandemic

2020, what a doozy.

From surviving and trying to hold it together, we all experienced some sort of shift in our lives.

I felt disconnected with myself despite having been inside for the past 6 plus months. What was a celebration of no longer having to wear a uniform, turned into an endless collection of pajama pants and wondering where my spark went.

Just like losing 70 lbs, I knew I had to start small and start somewhere.

I started thrifting at local second hand stores like Good Will in Cranberry, (I know there are 2, both have awesome finds!) for nicer clothes to wear even though I work from home. Plus it made a girl date with one of my besties, we caught up with life while looking at things.

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After a few weeks I kicked it up a notch with deciding to take myself on a date. I knew I wanted to make reservations as it was a first for me. I hopped on the Pittsburgh Moms Connect group on Facebook and asked where I could find a restaurant that does reservations. I found the cutest restaurant north of the City called Andora. They had the cutest outside dining and the food was delicious! I had a strawberry pecan feta salad, yummy bread, and seafood linguine. I felt so fancy!

Those small gestures of self love sparked what I was missing and taught me a valuable lesson.

Making time for yourself is always worth it.

No matter how big or small, it’s important to honor the woman/Goddess/Queen inside of you. 2020 gave me the experience to learn how to appreciate that time. 

One final thing I’ve also started as a fun way to keep self love not only consistent, but family friendly, is Self Care Night. Friday nights you can find my little one and I doing some form of self love whether it’s our nails, yoga, painting etc. I love to see it as planting self love seeds so she can learn how to fill her cup as well. Plus we get quality time at the same time so it’s a win win.

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I’d love to know, what’s your favorite Pittsburgh restaurant? Please comment below, I’ll be compiling a list 🙂


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